Naimotion is about a smart city with smart traffic systems. Our vision is to lay the framework on which intelligent public and private commuter systems in Nairobi and elsewhere in Africa are built.


As Naimotion, we challenge ourselves to build a working solution for our city.
Below are the pillars on which our project is based.


We stand to apply present and emerging technologies in new, innovative and exciting ways, a solution for our city's traffic challenge.


We believe in open designs. In an elastic and extensible platform that is readily and easily intergrable with other smart city solutions.


At the center of rapid growth and expansion, we are building a solution that will be able to adapt and scale limitlessly with the city infrastructure.


Naimotion is more than just a tech solution. As a community, we believe in the potential for our city and the smarter, better city we are building it to be.


Get to see the traffic situation on the road ahead, in realtime, and adapt accordingly. Reach your city destination safer and faster


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